Extreme Couponing Is Back–Again!

May 4, 2012

Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing Is Back–Again!

Ok, I have told y’all before I am a fan of Reality TV.

  • American Idol
  • Survivor
  • Big Brother
  • Amazing Race
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • and many you may never have heard of Winking smile

I have also told you I am NOT a fan of Extreme Couponing – it is nowhere near how things go on a normal day when there are no cameras around and no store has been asked to waive most of their coupon policies.

The only positive I see from the show is it does drive people to learn about couponing and when they come here I am able to share the truth about how to coupon shop.

But, I wanted to share the new clip with you.  Now, I know it’s a Reality Show – so, much is taken out of context – BUT, they can’t put words in your mouth!  Do these people even think before they say things in front of a rolling camera?  It’s not like you can ask them “pretty please”, not to air that!

It is unreal (no pun intended) that they ignore all of the issues this show brings on.  Several of their “cast” members have used fake coupons, cheated the store and TLC takes NO responsibility for any of it.  In fact, they don’t even respond to it, or mention it.

TLC – The Learning Channel… loose interpretation here… isn’t teaching anything, they have had actual coupon fraud on their show and haven’t taught about it.  They have had many teaching opportunities arise on the show – but, no education is offered.

I could rant all day about the show, but, I won’t! Smile  But, when someone asks you about the show – know that they are wondering if you are nuts, too, and if you shop like the people shown on the show, or if you have hoarding tendencies, like the people on the show, or some underlying emotional issue – like many on the show.  Take that time to educate them in the proper and smart way we save our families thousands of dollars a year – all without the cameras and the craziness portrayed on the show!

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